So…US Vogue, has declared having a butt, a thing. I mean, it MUST be right? Now that the “bible” has declared it. Right?

“The world is thoroughly ready for the jelly” the parting line reads from the article, and much of it suggests that until the moment it was published butts were this foreign phenomenon that no one really cared about. Right?



The article is both stupid funny, and problematic. Stupid funny, because, first of all, I don’t know how this was written with a straight face or was even read and approved, but seriously? The “Big Booty”? what a dumb reference, a reference almost as dumb as the article itself. Who says booty anymore? Patricia Garcia, writer of this ludicrous piece and now, butt expert, goes on to name a few people of reference in popular culture, that she believes have contributed to the rise of da butt. Miley Cyrus, because she twerks her flat ass against other peoples husbands, and has the propensity to go almost naked half the time. So, yeah I guess. Kim Kardashian, with her “singular figure”. My eyes rolled up to the high heavens because anything, ANYTHING at all, that references Kim Kardashian as having any sort of influence, no matter how unimportant and absurd, on popular culture, is immediately nonsensical. Much like GQ naming her woman of the year and Jim Nelson’s even more embarrassing defence and his declaration of love for all the “cool things” Kim and Kanye create, and declaring Kim a stone cold fox in British GQ, where she appears butt naked. But then, he would think that, a magazine notorious for objectifying women, who don’t see women as anything other than to get their clothes of and trade on their sexuality to matter, so he would say that. It about sums up the depth of his thinking; ZERO.

But where was I? Butts, or Booty, or Ass/Arse… etc.

The article is problematic because of its racial overtones. It dismisses the African, Latina, Caribbean etc, women-  whose genetic makeup, for the most part, includes a generous gluteus maximus- as being irrelevant and by so doing is dismissive of our culture. No surprises there, to a magazine like Vogue, something is only cool when a caucasian person, its definition of mainstream, does it. Case in point Marie Claire declaring the side cornrows epic because Kendall Jenner was photographed with the hair style. Mmm…K. Vogue is notorious for scheming through culture and cherry picking what it deems acceptable at any one time, but conveniently dismissing the history behind the movement. Its, quite frankly, irritating and insulting, but more than that it further proves the commonly shared notion that Vogue as a magazine has become increasingly redundant. Maybe even irrelevant.

I mean, Beyonce is only the reason why Bootylicious is in the dictionary today, much as I loathe the word.

I’ll excuse the stupidity of this article and grant a small concession on the Beyonce and JLo reference, “the trailblazing butt girl” because they are women who makes no apologies for their bodies in an industry inundated with stick thin types. However, there were butts before and butts after. Traci Ellis Ross, Jil Marie Jones, Serena Williams, Angela Bassett… and on and on.

Let’s talk about acceptability or lack there of; this article is not about accepting our bodies the way they are, or acknowledging that there are different body types out there, neither is it about Vogue’s their acceptance or understanding that the runway does not, in any way, perpetuate real life, we can have that argument till the cows come home. This is about treating the norm like the next big fad, which it isn’t. Real women have hips, butts, stretch marks, breasts- (this may be the next big thing because Kate Upton…who knows?) stop trying to make us feel abnormal because you cannot understand why people should exist outside of your norm and be okay with it, Vogue.

Garcia fell flat on her butt, so to speak, because it shows her abject lack of research into this topic. Get outside your comfort zone, and look into the culture of everyday life, the history of the real world, and come correct. The world has been on the jelly long before Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle got on the scene, and in the history of music, no one, not once ever sang a song about a flat arsed girl. Never.

And to that end, I have nothing to say but- BYE FELICIA.

In Bed With…Da BUTT So…US Vogue, has declared having a butt, a thing. I mean, it MUST be right? Now that the “bible” has declared it.

BEAUTY- Louise Mensch


I’ve been a fan of Louise Mensch nee Bagshawe’s books for a while, the first I read was “The Devil You Know” a twisty tale of three sisters who’d been far flung from each other but had to come together to fight for what is rightfully theirs. I liked it. I’ve read a few of her other books but one of my favourite remains Destiny, I’ve read a few times; its light, fun and gritty. A tale of hard…

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Whilst some designers were not in the mood for change, others were happy to embrace it and adapt it to their collection. Suno was one of such designers, with their emo-less collection of basics this season round. The moody but cool brand, this season, decided to get out of its funk and perk up with colours, stripes and spring fresh tones. It almost made up for the less than impressive week so far. They experimented with stripes on stripes, colours and playfulness. There is something to be said about a designer that is able to make basics look like basics whilst not being basics in their execution. Feel me? The midi print dress with the kerchief side hem is going to be subject to mass imitation, I am not one for the boxy silhouette but even I will admit that everything in this silhouette worked a ridiculous charm. Basics but no basic bitches allowed.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, I will say this again, Victoria Beckham gets women, the way we want to dress, the way we want to move and she understands, implicitly, that fashion is all about our moods. She really does. Her philosophy has always been to find that perfect synergy between comfort and style without compromising on the two. I admire the way she pushes herself but knows how and when the reign it in. I liked her SS15 collection, I fell short of loving it because of the colour palette, I wanted something more perky. Here’s that word again. This was a light but moody affair. The summer coats with big lapels, sleeveless, loose and discreetly belted, the slick summer pant suit, the chunky shoes from her debut collection. I wasn’t a fan of the florals, I know, I know, I just called her out on being moody but bright florals…this just didn’t work for me. Sorry. Maybe because I’m used to seeing her work a mean block colour, but it was all too girly and sweet for me, and nothing groundbreaking. (I just finished watching DWP), but she didn’t dwell too much on that. The winning looks were the confident, sassy shift dresses, her signature calf length skirts this time with flashes of flesh without being tacky. Collectively, it was equal parts accessible, that simple stripe maxi, and equal parts aspirational, her easy breezy coats that left us wanting more.

For Lisa Folawiyo, formerly Jewel By Lisa, a change in name meant a change in aesthetic. She meshed graphic prints and textures with her signature ankara infusing an edgy twist to her elegant pieces. That being said, this was a lukewarm outing, it didn’t hit the spot. I wanted to love this, because Lisa Folawiyo is one of my favourite designers out there, but I just wasn’t feeling much of it. The elegance, her stock in trade, felt inconsistent as if it was traded for the edge, which wasn’t needed, in my opinion. The collection was rough around the edges, which could have worked if it didn’t feel forced at other times. I appreciate the deconstruct of the dresses, tear it up and put it together with different prints and textures, and graphic detail, but the extras, disjointed hemlines, for one, felt a little overdone and silhouettes were overly complicated when they didn’t have to be. Still, she works a mean print twist.

Luis Antonio. I’ll admit until his show, I had no idea who Luis Antonio was, but he is firmly on my radar after his SS15 debut. What a stunner. It was an utter show off in balancing act, a designer who is not afraid of going HAM on prints but also ensuring it did not overpower a look by tempering it with the most perfect, most flattering silhouette. At first it felt a little same-y with the same splashy, graphic print, but that soon gave way to superior work with stripes, in a range of pretty and elegant pieces. Nothing was left to chance. He knocked me down and laid me out with the little lace numbers with scallop detail, simple but with everything going for it. Evening gowns were uncomplicated, beiges were sexed up, matter of fact beige never looked so sexy on a woman, and it was a superior achievement in balance all round.

NYFW SS15- Debuts, Moods, and Basic Bitches Whilst some designers were not in the mood for change, others were happy to embrace it and adapt it to their collection.

I finally caught up with the season so far, or as caught up as I’m gonna be, and I’m feeling a little bit meh. Some or most of what I’ve seen feels stuck, like we never moved on from last season. I think New York will do that to you because it is the commercial epicentre of fashion. Maybe it’ll all settle in after the week is over. Or maybe it won’t because this time around I am not really feeling fashion like I should. I didn’t even realise NYFW was slated to start this week. Oh well I guess we all have our moments.

The shows…

Tome was for the most past, discombobulated. There were flashes of brilliance but the collection felt most incoherent, from the typically commercially snobbish duo. This was by far their most commercial collection, but commerce did not give way to style as they struggled to find a solid rhythm to their song. There were too many trend led pieces, and not a single moment. You know what I mean? For every show there has to be a moment and there just wasn’t any in this. It felt like watching Arsenal put out an average team that scores a brilliant goal from set pieces, when you go back and analyse on match of the day, you see how disjointed the plays were. If you’re an Arsenal fan you get me, if not, basically this was just meh.

Kate Spade, where Tome was lost on the narrative Kate Spade had it its in spades so to speak, but it was all such a bore. It was repetitious and way too much quirk to concentrate on anything else. I guess this was typical Kate Spade and the Spade customer will be pleased but we have some to expect this turn out from the designer, whimsical, even weird, hence I wish it was a little more unexpected and streamlined. Not a bad collection but just not great either.

BCBG I liked a little bit more this season, but as with Kate Spade it was too much of the same feel, floaty, pretty, safe, way too safe. And almost too perfect. They tried something new-ish at times with the jackets and such like, but it was very much lacklustre. I kept waiting for something more to come down the runway. I don’t know what it was but it never turned up.

NYFW; SS15… The Narrative I finally caught up with the season so far, or as caught up as I’m gonna be, and I’m feeling a little bit meh.



Michael Brown

Michael Brown

Last week whilst watching the news about the on goings in Ferguson Missouri, someone asked me why I cared about any of it. Her reasons; I don’t live in America, I am not American, so why should I care about what is going on there. How she walked away unscathed I don’t know, but my retort wasn’t pretty or PG enough to print.

On August 9 2014, Michael Brown Jr. and a friend, Dorian Johnson were…

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Merlot 8- Bobbi Brown

Merlot 8- Bobbi Brown


When it comes to make up I am a novice, and pretty boring, so by no means should you place any authority on what I say, except of course I say it so convincingly… lol. And when it comes to lip glosses, I am a woman who sticks to a formulae, rarely walk on the wild side, that wild side being a different shade. I am a pink woman through and through, in thousands of shades but in the same family,…

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Chef, The Movie

chef the movie

Good food. Passion. Ambition. Screwing up and picking up to have another go. Courage of conviction. This is what feel good is all about and this is what Chef serves up. 

That is all of it.

Since I saw John Leguizamo’s interview on Wendy, I decided I had to see chef, its been a long time since I saw a comedy that was both meaningful,…

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Amazing Grace


Apologies for the blog silence the world has me a little bit disenfranchised and angry with it’s goings on, and when I’m angry I cannot write objectively. Too many curse words you see. But we’re here now.

In church this morning this was a part of the hymn sequence. I’d forgotten how much I love this song. It really is the best of…

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