“10 years ago today was a DKNY show that never happened. 9/11 did. Today we remember that fateful day and carry on…#USA.!” Dkny Pr Girl 11/09/2011 11:45am on twitter.

Anywhere you were in the world, it was a New York kind of day today; poignant.

And so it is befitting that the designer whose other last name is New York, gave us a show that took inspiration from the beloved city.

We were cordially invited via live stream front row and centre to the DKNY SS12 show. A show I’d been looking forward to since the schedule was released, so much so I declined dinner with the boy because of it; “sorry mate I’ve got a virtual date with @dkny” he wasn’t best pleased but when have boys ever gotten fashion like us girls eh?

Needless to say, I was not disappointed, models walked in from the street with a yellow New York taxi as the backdrop. It was riveting; a New York moment if there ever was one. There were billowy gowns with graduated hemlines, short in the front long at the back, and cutaway boxed silhouettes of shirt and skirt combo, that were so easily stylish; the camisole dress and tunics, matching prints, even the wedges. There was a plethora of colours and an array of prints; bright pinks, true blues, poppy prints and sequins along with neutrally cool hues of navy, white and cream. The sequins skirts added a dash of shine when paired with long line blouses with the same graduated hemlines, the combination made me gasp at the utter chic of it. Also included in the collection were more tailored pieces; short suits and jackets, in neutral and bright colours. And there were hats, floppy hats that for the beach or the city, whatever your boat it’ll float it.

These were clothes perfect for brunch on a Sunday in the West Village, a weekend in the Hamptons, hop stop on 5th shopping, dashing around the city from rush to cocktail hour…truly New York in inspiration and vision. The clothes that won’t get in your way, but keep you stylish along the way.

The make-up was fresh with a healthy glow, hair was the ultimate American girl chic.

At times playful other times grown up, it was perfect in synergy and there something for every occasion. This was a complete collection that left me wanting more which may explain why I watched it several times on YouTUBE :) 

Now I cannot wait for Donna Karan ss12 show.


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