The Minimalist Revolution.

I long for the days of elegant simplicity, when women dressed with such impeccable style. Our mothers still do. Regardless of the fashion moment, their style has stayed true and timeless, even several moments ahead of the curve. Nothing but seasoned style, which is making a comeback. Thank goodness. The look is simple but the result is stupendous; the power of a fabulous dress, perfectly cut pants, the classic handbag, the refined make up and chic hair style.

The 90’s was an ambush on fashion, in my opinion, with its mash-up moment where everything and anything went into the mix; big, bold and so damn loud. Still, it was a good thing because it was new and revolutionary. There was an identity of the new generation; the 90’s girl.

Today, I’m confused and bored from being confused. The extremism is tiresome thanks to the likes of Lady Gaga. I do like Lady Gaga and I love the fact that her look, style and tone has taken on and shaken up the industries; fashion and music, and she has the talent to back up her notoriety. However, she has left in her trail a bunch of wannabes who think it cool to throw something/everything on and leave the house; pom-poms, leopard print, even that ridiculous block of cheese. There’s dressing up and there’s neon wigs, banana peels, cat-woman fetish; a la Nicki Minaj who at some point or other has donned on one or all of the above. Sometimes when she walks the red carpet I think dressing up is something she shouldn’t do at home, alone or without a stylish. And if she does have a stylist…Oi Vey!

 I get where Minaj is coming from; she wants to stand out and be seen as a cut above the rest but she arrived too late to the party, Lady Gaga set it off and shut it down, so much so everyone who tries to do this, looks like a knock off.

This bigness and muchness has left us wanting for something a little more refined and less strenuous. I don’t want to have to look for the person in the melee of an outfit. I want to see you no matter what you have on. That is the test of true style; it needs no gimmicks or props.

Dior named Mila Kunis as its new “face” (there has to be a better title; brand ambassador? In my opinion face seems a little too fluffy considering the effect on the “face” on sales) some called it unusual but it is no less refreshing. Kunis is the sort of girl I’d like to hang out with, maybe Dior was going for the more personable approach.  She strikes me as a chameleon; mainstream but will plenty of edge to be unique and it’s a combination that works. In the same vein Rooney Mara is serving up some serious fashion sass and doing so looking exactly the way she wants to look, just like her; razor sharp fringe (hello? It’s a fringe and it should not be this cool but damnit, she works it) barely there make up and that indescribably cool something.

Then there is the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton whose minimalist take on style has become the new maximum height to attain; the subtlety in her style is impeccable; be it a Reiss dress or Alexander McQueen gown, she shows and shines through it, simple hair, easy make up; the look is high-low and the key is in the way she pulls it off; effortlessly. Nothing contrived about her look at all.

Fashion is fun and fearless and by all means strike out with your own identity and style, but too much can be TOO MUCH and there’s got to be a more exciting way for self-expression when it comes to style, that does not involve EVERYTHING. Sometimes all you have to do to get it right is to; Keep It Simple which may or may not involve a pink wig, a telephone cord thing, tutu and the likes. That doesn’t even read right.