Jewel by Lisa Tiffany Amber

Arise Fashion Week; Jewel by Lisa and Tiffany Amber

More seasoned pros showed why they were just that, Jewel By Lisa works a mean design with Ankara that much is a proven fact from her years of designing with the material; intricate detailing, beading, luxe it all comes to play and the JBL woman is wordly with a style all of her own. This collection was solid on all fronts, prints rich, silhouette stunning and shape embracing; curves, skater skirts, artistic neck lines…the tops with the peplum and tail back was a pure delight as was the printed overcoat and dress combination.

Tiffany Amber was more classic with her use of silks and sheer, the wavy detail on materials and intricate use of colour to that effect was quite exquisite. Evening wear was another strength in this collection.