A night out with @DKNY

Fashion Night Out in London this year was quite the party but there was only one place to be; DKNY OLD BOND STREET. Why? Well why not? If you have to ask then you missed a fabulous night out. From my first tweet I have been an ardent follower of dkny pr girl, the uber twitter sensation that tweets savvy words, gems of wisdom and tweets full of wit. She’s like the guidance counsellor, best friend in the virtual world. She is a social media maestro that much is proven; she posted a job on DKNY facebook page, advertised it on twitter and blogged about it on tumblr; need I say more? She is a tumblr sensation with her blog, bringing us all the latest scoop from the world of Donna Karan and then some more. Sometimes I think she could start her own social media platform, I mean she only has like 357, 802 followers (at the time of going to press)

But DKNY PR GIRL does more than just tweet, she makes you enchanted with the brand; educates on what it truly means for a brand to have essence and makes the Donna Karan Brand more enamouring, if that is even possible at this rate. She makes the brand more than just a brand, it is a lifestyle, one you would immediately want to buy into, it is a brand that caters and cares; The Fatigues to Fabulous charity initiative for veterans of war, is just one of the few programmes it supports…Its passion and possiblity.

So it only makes sense that the only place I would want to be was at the DKNY store and having a fabulous time of it too. Hosted by DKNY PR GIRL live via twitter; there was a giant blackberry in store that projected her twitter timeline for all to read; did I say she is a social media maestro? The OHMy girls as guest DJs, cocktails on the go, the DKNY PR GIRL signature cocktail was a crowd favourite. We were transported into her world; her apartment in New York was recreated in the store; her walk-in wardrobe, her desk, even her skyline; the quintessential New York skyline.

We shopped, we laughed, had fun and shopped some more and I almost didn’t want to leave, because it was such a fabulous night it could have gone on forever. 

The night was one to remember and its all thanks to DKNY PR GIRL. Cheers.

Let’s do it again.